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AHAIN serves as Indiana’s premier association for participants in the affordable housing profession

Focusing on advocacy, collaboration, and education, our mission is to progress the affordable housing industry. We serve as a voice for our members and residents in affordable housing, to make Indiana a better place for Hoosiers to live.

AHAIN accomplishes our goal by providing ongoing education, including events throughout the year as well as our Affordable Housing Conference and Annual Meeting, that facilitate the needs of the affordable housing industry and its professionals. We collaborate with government entities, such as USDA Rural Development, Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, Indiana Quadel, and more. And, we speak with representatives in Indiana and Washington, D.C. to talk about issues that are crucial to affordable housing programs.

We are committed to providing a respected voice for our members, and we regularly meet with key members of USDA Rural Development, IHCDA, and HUD to discuss affordable multi-family housing in Indiana.

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Serving the affordable housing industry though advocacy, collaboration and education.

AHAIN truly sees advocacy, collaboration and education as the key pieces that make them valuable to their members and for the state of Indiana’s presence in the affordable housing world. Every connection made results in someone being better positioned in the industry to make Indiana a better place for Hoosiers to live.

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