About Us

Advocacy. Collaboration. Education.

The Affordable Housing Association of Indiana (AHAIN) is a state non-profit trade organization. For 34 years, AHAIN has served as Indiana's premier association for participants in the affordable housing profession, including: builders, owners, developers, managers, non-profits, housing authorities, syndicators, accountants, architects, attorneys, bankers and companies that supply goods and services to the industry. AHAIN's membership includes more than 100 management companies, 18,000 affordable housing apartment units and 85 associate members.

AHAIN truly sees advocacy, collaboration and education as the key pieces that make them valuable to their members and for the state of Indiana's presence in the affordable housing world. Every connection made results in someone being better positioned in the industry to make Indiana a better place for Hoosiers to live. These efforts uphold the mission statement and include but are not limited to:

Advocacy: AHAIN staff and board members visit representatives in Indiana and Washington D.C. to discuss issues critical to affordable housing programs.

Collaboration: AHAIN works closely with USDA Rural Development, Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, Indiana Quadel, Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana and the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing to provide timely updates and educational events for providers in Indiana.

Education: AHAIN plans and facilitates numerous educational events throughout the year. Our featured event each year is the AHAIN Affordable Housing Conference and Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

AHAIN is the only association that solely represents the needs of the affordable rental housing industry in Indiana, through education, networking, promoting professionalism, initiating the cooperation and exchange of information among our membership, relating important industry information, and encouraging ethical practices within the affordable housing industry. AHAIN is committed to providing a respected voice for its members, and it regularly meets with key members of USDA Rural Development, IHCDA, and HUD to discuss affordable multi-family housing in Indiana.

AHAIN is a State Affiliated Association of the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing

AHAIN is a member of the Indiana Affordable Housing Council (IAHC), Prosperity Indiana (formerly IACED), Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition (AHTCC), and the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA).