CHAR GOOLSBY OF Strategic Training Solutions TO SPEAK AT INDY 2016!

Introducing Char Goolsby...

Char Goolsby is a Senior Trainer at Strategic Training Solutions. Char’s passion is encouraging people to honor their spirits through personal development. Char designs and facilitates corporate and individual training for those looking to generate a life they love. Her focus has been corporate etiquette and protocol and has served as the Director of Protocol for the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Botswana. She also uses her 20-plus years’ experience as an empowerment coach, providing welfare-to-work guidance for those trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Char will teach three sessions at Indy 2016!

Diversity and Inclusion - it's not what you think

Progressive and effective teams make diversity and inclusion a priority. What is diversity and inclusion and how does that impact your organization? Organizations, that make employee growth and development a priority, create an environment where team members thrive and business gets done. A diverse, well cared for and empowered workforce demonstrates social responsibility and business acumen. Inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect and connection—where ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are harnessed to create business value. Organizations need both diversity and inclusion to be successful. This module focuses on diversity & inclusion from a humanity perspective.

Your Professional and Personal Brands Matter!

Think of your professional brand as a way of defining how you want to be seen in your professional world. When you manage your brand as a part of your career strategy or a service delivery model, it gives you a distinct advantage. As professionals, we often get into a rhythm, a way of being, or delivering a service that's not as effective as it once was. This session will allow you to evaluate your professional image, serving as a reminder that first impressions set the tone for every interaction. Your brand communicates the essence of who you are in the workplace and reflects your professional reputation. Feeling confident in your appearance and abilities produces stellar results.

Leadership for Executives and Administrative staff

It has been said that one should choose their boss and not their job. It's clear that there's no single definition of leadership. What works for one leader may not work for another. It simply depends on the circumstances. But, there's one thing that most agree on:

  • A true leader must be able to inspire the team.
  • Every person in your organization is a potential leader and should be encouraged to be innovative.
  • Each brings a unique set of experiences and skills to the table.

This module will encourage you to take an authentic look at who you are as a leader in your organization. Leadership that embraces a spirit of inclusion and that values a diverse set of ideals produces dynamic results.

Char Goolsby Bio:

Char Goolsby has dedicated her career to providing training services through the instruction of Protocol Intelligence and human capital development. With a degree in Professional Communications and Certifications from the prestigious Protocol School of Washington, Goolsby has provided counsel and training to thousands over her 20-year training career.

As the former Director of Protocol for the Honorary Counsel for the Republic of Botswana, she provided business protocol counsel to professionals engaging in business in Botswana. She also facilitated business briefings for both the Ambassador and the Honorary Counsel to share the country of Botswana with the world.

Char is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati where she teaches Business Etiquette and Protocol coursework, preparing students for proper social engagement in the business sector. Universities count on her experience to assist students with marrying their education and technical ability, with solid social skills.

Char gets her greatest joy in sharing the idea of protocol intelligence with young people, particularly kids deemed underprivileged or who have limited access to social skills training. As a training consultant for the State of Kansas and Texas, Char uses her experience to create opportunities for those receiving government benefits. Her “From TANF to Work” curriculum is based on a psychosocial rehabilitative approach, encouraging behavioral change that will support self-sufficiency. The service delivery approach is a carefully guided dialog where participants honestly assess their current situation and their contribution it. Known for her blunt approach, Char is known as a straight shooter that produces results.

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