Featured Session of the Day! Healthcare Reform and Strategy

Healthcare Reform and Strategy: What you need to know and do now regarding compliance, employee communication and rewards strategy

With the continued uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform, it is critical that you ensure not only benefits compliance for your organization, but also that you develop and execute a rewards strategy that drives your organization's key objectives. Recent regulatory changes such as the employer reporting and shared responsibility delays, and lack of clarity around other PPACA mandates, have caused many employers to wait anxiously to make important decisions. This interactive program will help you prioritize the most urgent regulatory requirements, educate employees about imminent healthcare reform issues that affect them, and provide strategic leadership that doesn't wait for a "lull" that will likely never occur. Keith Friede, Gallagher Benefit Services, will answer many of your PPACA questions.

In this session, among other timely topics, we will:

  • Assess the effects of the most recent regulatory changes to PPACA on your organization
  • Develop a plan for what needs to be done now under PPACA, and what can (or must) wait for further clarity and guidance
  • Provide an update on the health insurance exchange marketplace
  • Clarify regulatory requirements both for employers with fewer than 50 employees, and for those with more than 50 employees
  • Discuss proactive steps for developing rewards strategies that maximize not only cost control, but also your ability to attract, retain and develop and engage the talent you need to be successful

This is a session you won't want to miss. Be sure to register for the 2013 AHAIN Affordable Housing Conference and Annual Meeting today!

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