The Butterfly Effect - Small Changes = BIG Results

Keynote Presentation – Toni Blake,
This compelling keynote draws leasing, marketing and life principles from “The Butterfly Effect”, (The phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, e.g., a butterfly flapping its wings in Rio de Janeiro might change the weather in Chicago.) Sometimes we can increase our efficiency and success by making small, yet significant changes to our procedures, our attitudes and most importantly to our character. Our struggles inspire our greatest accomplishments. This seminar is one of Toni’s most inspirational sessions that has been well received by people all over America. Toni opens up about her personal struggles, how she overcame them and what it has meant to her professional life. Now, she is expanding those same principles to show how you can overcome your challenges to reach goals that have seemed out of reach.

The Drama Curtain - 10 Proven Ways to END Conflict Quickly

A destructive conflict has a predictable pattern known as the Drama Triangle. By learning how to identify and handle drama, managers can prevent some conflicts from occurring and resolve those that do! The quality of our relationships and how we deal with challenges plays a vital role for success in the workplace. 30 -40% of manager’s time is spent on conflict resolution. Toni Blake will show you a series of simple repeatable solutions, collaboration techniques, resources, and tools to reduce conflict. Learn how to improve communication, see other points of view, understand the human ego and find agreement. Save your precious time and energy for productive collaboration with your team and bring the DRAMA Curtin down in your office!

The Passion Workshop - Mastering a Winning Attitude

Empower your team with Toni Blake's new Passion Workshop! Toni will show you how to make life changing decisions, adjust your personal perceptions thereby adjusting your life. Learn the importance of having clarified in your vision to produce the achievements to winning. This interactive workshop will walk you step-by-step through re-imagining yourself to unleash your highest standard of passion. Gain understanding of the psychology, science and time-tested techniques relied on by masters in their field. Personal exercises will offer you time to take the positive energy test, review your own talent inventory, understand your gifts, affirm your self-esteem, align your passion with purpose and define on your “I AM” character lessons.

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