Watch the AHAIN Founding Fathers presentation

The 2013 AHAIN affordable housing conference and annual meeting celebrated 30 years of AHAIN, with a tribute to the founding members of the association.

The Rural Rental Housing Association of Indiana was incorporated in 1983, representing about 5,000 units and five associate members. That same year, there were six district FHA offices, and Indiana obligated about $29 million in new construction funding.

In 1998 - the association’s 15th year - board president Steve Walters outlined a variety of changes, including three district offices for the newly-created Rural Development. Also, funding for new construction was less than 10 percent of the level in 1982. “What challenges will 2013 present?” he wrote to members in 1998. “With the continual downsizing of our federal government, who will be there to answer our questions? What problems will we encounter when we are managing rental properties that are 30 to 40 years old?”

In 2013, AHAIN honors those founding members, past presidents, board of directors and staff who have led the association through a variety of changes, and have provided foresight into the affordable housing industry throughout the past 30 years. Happy 30th birthday to AHAIN - its owners, properties, associate members, past and present board members and staff. And, many more.

Founding board of directors
Mel Deardorf
Stanley Herman
Janet Hightshue
Steve Martin
Stan Minnick
Henry Olynger
Paula Stone
Bobbye Thompson
Randall Walker
Steve Walters
Larry Valenti

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